martes, 8 de enero de 2013

el trigal

Es mi parte favorita de El Principito...

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  1. Respuestas
    1. Que alegría verte!!! hola hola hola!!! el trigal es igual que un sol sonriente...

  2. I can't read the text, but the drawing looks like a fox. Is it? ^^

    1. Dear Rurousha! is from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry:

      "...And, look! See, over there, the wheat fields? I do not eat bread. Wheat for me is useless. Wheat fields do not remember anything. And that's sad! But you have hair the color of gold. Then it will be wonderful when you have tamed me! The wheat, which is golden, will remind me. And I'm pleased the wind noise in the wheat ..."

      I told that is my favorite part of this lovely story... ah! yes is a fox...
      I´m glad to see you

  3. Hi karumina,
    "The Little Prince" is classic and my favorite story!
    The fox takes a very important role there. How wonderful and adorable your depiction is! The above you quoted from the story is one of the greatest words for us who live in the ephemeral world.