miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

snowman for Christmas

Es mi regalo de Navidad/ Is my Christmas gift for you

Si prefieres, esta otra tarjeta ... no dudes en decírmelo y te envío por correo electrónico, la versión para imprimir

If you prefer, this one... feel free to tell me and i'll send you a printable version by email

6 comentarios:

  1. Hi, dear Karumina! :D
    Your gifts-cards are so wonderful, that I have no words to describe my feelings! They are full of kindness and spirit of Christmas!
    I love this one and one I saw yesterday - with girl in kimono! Can I print them and present to my friends? :)

    You are such lovely!!!!!! Super Kind lady! <3
    Big HUGS!!!!! For youuu :*

    1. Oh!!! of course ti-igra, i will send you both.
      I am very very glad you like them!!!

      I wish you have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

      Hugs!!!!!!!! for you too.

    2. THANK you, sweetie! :*** MAny kisses for you!

      :)))) Happy-happy with your gifts!
      Now my friends will be happy too!

      Tiger's warm HuuuuGS!

      You are AWESOME!!!!!!

    3. Dear ti-igra,
      Have a Merry Christmas!

      Best wishes for you and for your family and friends!