viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

el violinista en el tejado, 2ª versión

Es un tema que me fascina!

Con música ... la vida es mejor,
crea tu propia música,
y sonríe a la vida.

2 comentarios:

  1. Music is a great inspiration for images and illustrations. I think I like this 2nd version better.

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog.

    To answer your question about if you can participate in the October Giveaway. Yes! Of course! When you commented on that blog post, you were entered already.

    You can get more chances to win if you share the blog post on your social media sites like +Google, your blog, facebook or others. If you share the blog post, add a comment that tells where you shared it. I hope that makes sense.

    Thank you, Karumina.

  2. Melissa thank you very much,

    I love your creativity, your art have souls, are alive ... "and move" really!.
    Thanks for the clarification to participate ... then I can make a special entry in my blog, dedicated to you ...
    Ah! the truth is that the first "Fiddler" was the sketch, to capture movement, posture, expression ... after I did it as an illustration for the book ... I'm glad you like.

    And thank you very much for your comments and views, I am very grateful!